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20061013-02 20061013-02 Landing off to Tokyo We had seven hour free either at the airport or at the town. Of course, we chose the town! The customs people say we should line in another queue for transit. But we expressed strong interest to go to the town. And he says yes, "you got lots of time. The historical town of Nairta was just 10mins from the airport. We took the Keisei railway to go there ($250). There was ceremony and performance to celebrate the birth of Nairta town. And lots of school kids carry some "fishing rods" (for performance?) We at first could not find the historical street. And we went to a donut shop to eat noodle! It was the first ever microwaved wild veggie noodle I purchase. Taste okay, but small in quantity. By the time we hit the historical street the celebration was close to the end. I want to visit the temple, but mom was to afraid to follow the street as it was very dark and shops are closing. One thing worth to mention is that the cars of Narita were cutely small. I want one! We get to a noodle shop (on the historical street) again when time is close to 8. Many western travelers were there. Unfortunately, the noodle was not authentic Japanese. We were quite disappointed.

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